I am writing this blog post not to refute the purpose of higher education but as I have already spent two months with Elevate Direct(a London based start-up), I do get down to thinking how it disconnects from practical learning.

I specialised in entrepreneurship and did rather well in the business plan competition where I got an opportunity to pitch to some of the most well-known VCs and BAs. That was definitely a confidence boost and made me think that if I could pull it off once (of course as team effort), I could replicate the success again. Logical, isn’t it? But unfortunately, the answer is No. As me and my friend started working on a business idea, we found ourselves refer back to the process that brought us victory in the business plan competition. As we went on, we began to realize that it was just another day after day with us being stuck to making better documents containing our research. The alarm bells rung that we were not doing something right.

Simultaneously, at my full time job with Elevate Direct, I began to notice the difference between my approach and that of the co-founders. I began to realize sooner than later that I tend to wear a consultant’s hat which is detrimental to an entrepreneur.  There might not be sophistication with processes or with the way stuff is documented and maintained. But who cares really?!  The most important thing is that they did it! Processes and sophistication are bound to come of their own accord. And that’s what really changed my mindset from that of an MBA consultant’s to a doer (a synonym I like to use for an entrepreneur).

And well, I applied the learning from this environment to our idea and there we go! Just by making our thought process ‘lean’, here we are ready with a first un-sophisticated prototype in almost 2 weeks’ time. If I compare this timeline to what I learnt on the entrepreneurship workshop, I should be still doing my market research & trend analysis ;).

So, what’s the moral of the story? If you are really contemplating making your own mark in this world, keep structure and processes at bay. They limit and just delay actual action required of you. Don’t get me wrong; I still love my excel sheet and well maintained docs but just a bit of diligence as to what works when can take you miles closer to your goal sooner than you would expect!

Whether you are working for a start-up or thinking about taking the leap on your own, we would love to hear your story in the entrepreneurial world.

Keep watching this space for more….




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