Most middle class Indians are scared to become entrepreneurs. Indian parents teach their kids to study hard right from their junior school years to achieve good grades and get admission in top colleges in the country so that they end up with stable high paying jobs in Government or MNCs. Entrepreneurship is dreaded by Indian families. It is seen as a sure sign of failure and failure is looked down upon by the society. The education system for the masses are geared towards securing employment in companies. But entrepreneurship is not new in India and has traditionally been associated with few societies in Western and Southern India. During the British Raj, many of these communities thrived and developed big factories and established industries. Since then, businesses have remained within these communities.

However, with a liberalized economy, emergence of expats returning to India, a growing middle class with global outlook, and stories of successful 1st generation entrepreneurs, the trend has gradually started to shift towards a more entrepreneurial risk taking mindset and innovation.

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Roundabout to Mumbai, this blog seeks to explore new trends in start-ups, emerging technologies, exciting business ventures and macro-economic policies that are affecting the global entrepreneurship scene.

What we hope to achieve is to inspire more Indians to take up entrepreneurship, spot opportunities and create revolutionary businesses for the next century. We want to develop the startup ecosystem in India.

This blog is for those who eat sleep and breathe entrepreneurship. We believe in the culture of startups. We have been b-schoolers and worked in corporates before we realized our true calling. We aim to provide a platform for people to connect, share, discuss and learn about new trends, technologies and fresh ideas that can change the world.

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